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January 30 2014

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Red vs Blue Inspired by tom ska, creator of the asdf movie. Ultimate 2d stick fight animation that is very bloody with hard hitting sword fights and fire special powers.
( click on the timecode numbers below to create your own music remix, or click 1 through 9 on your keyboard ) High quality version
Check out Ian Hollinhead on his main channel - www.youtube.com/phonemovies87
Check out DJ David Hillers upcoming tracks for disneys tron 2 on his facebook - https://www.facebook.com/DavidHillerMusic
00:00 - Red Vs Blue
00:03 - Produced and animated by Ian Hollinhead professional animator.
00:00 - david hiller music
00:10 - slow motion stick fight sword dodge.
00:12 - sword slice misses then digs up dirt explosion.
00:16 - flame on charge like the human tourch from fantastic 4
00:17 - explosion power hits will kill the stick man bleeds all over a wheat field.

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